Welcome to Strianese Huckert LLP – Charlotte NC Employment Lawyers

Strianese Huckert LLP is a Charlotte based law firm focusing on sexual harassment, employment discrimination, wage and hour, Qui Tam / whistleblower retaliation, and non-competition / non-solicitation cases. The firm’s main focus is on representing employees who have been fired for unlawful reasons, or are experiencing discrimination or harassment in the workplace. Our practice is built on providing individualized attention to our clients’ cases and working tirelessly to protect their rights. Our attorneys have represented clients in individual litigations, class and collective actions, and other high-stakes, complex litigation, and has the ability to pursue cases vigorously.

We represent everyone from high level executives to rank and file workers in disputes with their employers. While these disputes can sometimes be resolved amicably through negotiation, litigation is often necessary. Our approach to litigation is to prepare thoroughly, think strategically, and advance relentlessly. And, if a trial is necessary, we will present your case to a jury in a way that maximizes your chance to win.

If you are interested in legal representation or would like to discuss your case or legal issue with us, please fill out a Case Evaluation Form available on our contact page.

Fewer Cases; Better Results
Some law firms use a model of taking as many cases as possible and managing them with paralegal or a support staff “case manager” until they are settled or go to trial. That may work for them, but that is not how we litigate cases. Instead, we take on a small number of meritorious cases and spend a substantial amount of time on each of them. Cases are prepared thoroughly at every stage. Our attorneys return calls promptly. Clients are never directed to support staff for case updates. While this limits the number of clients we can represent at one time, we believe that this approach leads to better results in the cases we do accept. Our latest case.

Day 1: Prepare For Trial
While many cases settle, and it is usually a wise decision to see if a settlement can be reached, some cases will ultimately wind up before a jury. Everything we do during the course of litigation is designed to improve our client’s position at trial. Preparing each case as if it will be tried is a critical part of a successful litigation strategy because it improves the client’s position in every aspect of the case, from discovery, to dispositive motions, to settlement negotiations. And, when it’s time for trial, the case is ready.

Know Your Adversary
Mr. Strianese spent nearly a decade working as an employment litigator for one of the largest law firms in the country. During that time, he handled all manner of employment cases for Fortune 500 companies, major hedge funds, private equity firms, and small businesses. Whatever defense your employer raises, Mr. Strianese has not only seen it before, he has probably used it before. Knowing the other side’s moves in advance makes it far easier to counter them.