Charlotte Employment and Severance Agreements Lawyer

I represent employees in all manner of contract issues. Any employee who is asked to sign an offer letter, employment contract, non-competition or non-solicitation agreement, severance agreement, a release, or any other contract or agreement, can benefit from seeking legal advice prior to signing.

You can be sure that your employer has had any agreement presented to you reviewed by experienced counsel to ensure that their interests are protected, and you should do no less to protect yourself before you sign. While most employment relationships start out full of cooperation and optimism, they do not always end that way. It is difficult enough for an employee when their employment comes to end without their discovering that they are subject to arduous restrictive covenants or other contract terms that they signed years earlier without a full understanding of what it was they were agreeing to do.

If you are asked to sign any time of agreement with your employer, we encourage you to contact us before signing.