Charlotte Race and National Origin Discrimination Attorney

Race and National Origin Discrimination occurs when an employee is treated adversely by their employer on account of their race or national origin. Among other things, employees can be discriminated against on the basis of their race or national origin in employment decisions (e.g., hiring, firing, promotion), workplace rules, compensation, and in the existence of a non-threatening work environment.

The law prohibits intentional discrimination and racial prejudice, as well as “neutral” job policies that disproportionately exclude minority employees or put them at a disadvantage in the workplace. It is unlawful to use race or national origin as the criteria to determine which employees to hire, or fire, or how to pay employees. It is also unlawful to harass employees based on their race or national origin by making ethnic slurs or remarks, engaging in stereotyping, or allowing a hostile or intimidating working environment.

Race and national origin discrimination generally occurs through the use of racial slurs or remarks in the workplace, through unacceptable stereotypes, or through treating employees differently in performance evaluations or discipline because of their race.  Race and national origin discrimination still exist today. In one shocking study, researchers sent out hundreds of resumes all with similar qualifications, but half of the resumes had “white” sounding names and half had “minority” sounding names. The result? The resumes with “white” sounding names were far more likely to obtain an interview request from prospective employers.

As this study shows, race and national origin discrimination is still prevalent in our society. If you have been the victim of race or national origin discrimination, we encourage you to contact us.