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Charlotte Disability Discrimination Lawyers

We Advocate for Workers in Disability Discrimination Claims in Charlotte and Throughout North Carolina 

At Strianese Huckert LLP, our Charlotte disability discrimination attorneys have the professional expertise that you can rely on in complex cases. As a boutique law firm, we provide personalized legal guidance and support to employees. If you or your family member was a victim of disability discrimination, you need professional legal guidance. To arrange your strictly confidential case review by a North Carolina employment lawyer, please contact us at our Charlotte legal office today. 

An Overview of Your Rights Under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal law that provides comprehensive legal protection to disabled job applicants and disabled employees. Here are some of the key things that workers in North Carolina should understand about the ADA: 

  • Prohibits Disability Discrimination in the Workplace: One of the critical components of the ADA is its provision against disability discrimination in the workplace. It ensures that qualified individuals with disabilities are granted equal employment opportunities and are protected from unfair treatment based on their disability. 
  • Applies to Employers With 15 or More Employees: Unfortunately, not all workers in Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and elsewhere in North Carolina are covered by the ADA. The federal law applies to businesses and organizations that have 15 or more employees. Smaller employers are not required to comply with the ADA. 
  • Employers Must Make A Good Faith Effort to Provide A Reasonable Accommodation: Notably, the ADA mandates that employers make a good faith effort to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. A reasonable accommodation is any type of adjustment or modification to the physical work environment or a person’s job duties that would help a qualified disabled employee perform the job. However, employers are not required to provide an accommodation that would pose an undue hardship. If an employer fails to engage in a good faith effort to provide a disabled worker with an effective reasonable accommodation, that could constitute disability discrimination. 

Note: The North Carolina Persons with Disabilities Protection Act also provides state-level legal protections to disabled workers in our Charlotte. We can help you navigate your rights under both state law and federal law. 

Why Trust Our Charlotte Disability Discrimination Lawyers

Disability discrimination cases can be challenging. At Strianese Huckert LLP, we are committed to advocating for the rights and interests of disabled workers. When employees reach out to our Charlotte office, they will connect with a North Carolina disability discrimination attorney who can: 

  • Listen to what they have to say, answer their legal questions, and explain their options;
  • Investigate the matter—gathering evidence to prove discrimination; and
  • Develop a case-driven strategy to protect their rights and interests. 

Contact Our Charlotte Disability Discrimination Attorneys for Immediate Help

At Strianese Huckert LLP, our North Carolina disability discrimination lawyers are passionate and experienced advocates for workplace rights. Contact us right away for your completely confidential consultation. With a law office in Charlotte, we represent employees in disability discrimination claims in Mecklenburg County and throughout all of North Carolina.